Conventional and analogue fire detection

Conventional or analogue fire detection is provided depending on the size of the installation.

Conventional system

With a conventional control unit, a notification is obtained for each zone (group of detectors or push buttons). The building is divided into zones and the push buttons are connected to separate zones.

Analogue system

An analogue addressable system consists of elements (detectors, push buttons, etc.), which each have a unique address. The sensor transmits its measured value to the central unit, which in turn decides whether or not to alarm depending on the setting. The great advantage of an analogue addressable system is that you get an exact location description with a fire alarm.

Sprinkler systems

Altebra designs tailor-made installations for fire detection systems. The aim of the installation is always to detect a fire as quickly as possible. Our specialisation in both sprinkler systems and fire detection means that we ensure the seamless integration of both systems. In order to be able to meet all requirements, we work together with the manufacturers Honeywell and Panasonic.

Smoke exhaust

To minimise additional damage due to smoke development, it is advisable to provide additional protection for the site or building with a smoke extraction system. In the event of fire, such a system effectively removes the smoke and heat to keep escape routes safe longer, facilitate extinguishing operations and reduce smoke damage.

At your side

If you’d like to know even more about our fire detection systems, then contact Altebra any time. We’ll be glad to assist you.