Sprinkler systems for the best fire protection

Altebra NV - Sprinklerinstallaties

Altebra's sprinkler systems are customised fire protection systems. They are used for production halls, storage areas, high-bay warehouses, offices etc. An optimum solution is available for every application.

Minimise damage

The sprinkler system keeps fire under control or suppresses it. In all cases, the system is aimed at minimising fire and water damage. Sprinkler systems are available for all possible situations. The optimal system for you depends on your circumstances, space and safety objectives. Our specialists work with you to determine which system is the best solution for your application and requirements.

Activation temperature

Altebra offers a tailor-made sprinkler system for every type of fire hazard. Depending on the application, the temperature at which the sprinkler system is activated can be set to the exact degree.

Extinguishing water capacity

The water capacity can also be adapted to the application. 100 litres of water per minute is standard. However, there are also sprinklers which can spray 400 litres per minute. There are even ESFR sprinklers with a capacity of up to 700 litres per minute.

Suppression and control mode sprinklers

Sprinkler systems are generally divided into control and suppression mode sprinklers. Control mode sprinklers keep a fire under control. These systems are the most widespread, mostly used in offices, shops and production environments. They cool the location and prevent the fire from spreading until it is (manually) extinguished. Suppression mode sprinklers are designed to quickly suppress the heat released and extinguish the fire. They are used, for example, in storage facilities.

Wet pipe systems

Wet pipe systems are always completely filled with water under pressure. They are used for applications and in locations without frost danger.

Dry pipe systems

Dry pipe systems are specifically designed for use in buildings or areas where there is a risk of frost. All pipes are filled with dry air which is under pressure. As soon as a sprinkler head opens due to fire, the main valve opens, the pipes fill up and the sprinklers opened by the fire start spraying. These systems are particularly intended for areas where freezing is possible.

Deluge systems

Deluge systems are used in places where there is a high risk of extremely rapid expansion of fireplaces. They are used, for example, in the chemical industry, on offshore platforms, as tank protection and in locations where a fire could quickly spread horizontally. In the event of fire, all sprinklers are activated simultaneously to cool the location and prevent the rapid spread of fire.

Pre-action systems

Pre-action sprinklers are designed for applications where water damage must be prevented at all times. For example, museums with valuable objects, libraries, data centres, etc. These systems are derived from dry systems and have an extra layer of protection against accidental activation.

Water curtains

A spray system or water curtain keeps burning and non-combustible areas separate, thus avoiding additional fire damage and/or fire overpressure.

Mist systems

Mist has a high heat-absorbing capacity. Mist systems control heat formation in locations where water damage must be prevented, by evenly spreading condensation.

Feel free to ask

You have already received seen a good deal of information about our sprinkler systems. Have other questions for Altebra? Do get in touch with us!

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